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Our Initiative

Our Initiative

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), along with academic and business leaders from leading US and Indian universities have launched an initiative to build US-India collaborations in order to make engineering education and research more relevant to the needs of the global society and to the aptitudes and aspirations of new generations of youth.

Engineering educators of US and India are in a unique position to address these challenges by working together. Strong bonds have already been developed between US and India, because of the large number of Indian engineering graduates who migrate to the US and make valuable contributions to the US research enterprise and to the US economy. Several of these engineers have become entrepreneurs and have played a major role in the Information Technology revolution and in a variety of non-technology oriented industries such as hospitality. Many of them are also leaders in engineering education in the US. This synergy between US and India provides the opportunity for the two countries to collaborate on building the next generation technical workforce using new paradigms.

Pan IIT, an organization of the alumni and faculty of Indian Institutes of Technology, has provided a strong foundation for building this Collaboration. At the recent Pan IIT 2006 Conference held in Mumbai, one of the key action items called for IITs and IITians to contribute to nation building by assisting in the improvement of the quality of engineering education throughout India.

University of Massachusetts Lowell, which is well known for its outstanding engineering education as well as its on-line program (UMass On Line) is playing a lead role in coordinating the IUCEE efforts.


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